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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Traveling Soon

Soon and very soon the Traveling Stash Box will be headed to a new home! Just a few tiny details to take care of....RivkaBelle....I hope you have plans for this Traveling Stash Box! :)The box is packed to the brim with possibilities!!You can see I need to find stronger tape!

RivkaBelle please check your email for information about this box of happiness!

Now on to a few other items, this is my son's 'rescued' kitten, he is staying at our house for a season or two...But a very wise kitten he is...this is how to 'handle' power outages in an ice storm! You must first locate the largest pile of warm cuddly blankets and then dive in for a long winter's nap!

Before, during and after the recent Ice Storm ALL I could think about was Spring and warm sunny days! Almost as soon as our power was restored I began working on these quilt blocks! 10 more blocks to go and then....I will assemble the quilt top! I got the pattern for this quilt block from the March Queen Bee in the WeBeeWithIt online quilting bee. Thanks Nan!

Happy Thursday!
May your day be filled with delight!
with Love as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah


  1. Your grand kitty is so cute! He reminds us of our little Lilly, who has long since gone on to the kitty condo in the sky. She was well loved, temperamental and somewhat of a snob at times. Cats have such unique and independent personalities, don't they?

    The colors on the quilt blocks in this post are so very bright, cheerful and beautiful!

  2. Precioso el gatito, ojalá se quede más de dos temporadas.
    Y los bloques me encantaron, quedará una linda colcha.
    Un saludo desde Chile.


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