May God Bless You this day beyond measure! May He pour out His richest blessings in lavish ever-increasing abundant overflowing blessings of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HOPE and PERFECT HEALTH upon YOU!!! May your every need be met and may everything you put your hand to prosper. Know that you are His chosen child and you are Loved and Treasured by the King of Kings. God Bless You!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer 2013 Quilting Challenge Step One Complete

Fabrics have been pulled from my stash.
I may have to make a quick run to the fabric shop for additional pieces. :)

Today's task: decide on the quilt block[s] to be used.

I am seriously considering a making a medallion quilt since the format for the quilt is square.

Happy Thursday!
with LOVE as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah

PS: Have you looked at the calendar? Christmas is only 5 months away! Yikes! I better get busy!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer 2013 Quilting Challenge

A week ago I sought input for a Quilting Challenge I've created to get the creative juices pumping during the Dog Days of Summer. I asked a series of questions and 3 lovely assistants responded. Una, Martha and Tami you are awesome!

         The Challenge

Create a quilt using the following design elements.

1. COLOR: Black, Purple, Aqua, Dark Blue, Burgundy Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.
AND Beige, Orange, Brown and Sea Foam Green. [These are the colors 'discarded' to never be used in a quilt.]2. FABRIC: Dots, Modern, Gingham, Batik, Floral, Text and Solid.
3. Quilt Block: Crazy-Patch, 9 Patch or Star.
4. Quilt Format: Square

The quilt MUST be constructed using all of the colors listed above...I know there are some colors, GASP, that are on the "never use list"....part of the challenge, time to stretch the color selections. The ONLY fabrics that can be used in the quilt are those listed in section 2. A bit of flexibility on the quilt block to be used: Can use one or a combination of the blocks from section 3, HOWEVER, the completed quilt must be Square.

This challenge is open to anyone who would like to participate in some "Creative-mind-stretching-beating-the-heat-of-the-Dog-Days-of-Summer" Fun!

I am headed now to raid my stash pulling fabrics for the Summer 2013 Quilting Challenge. I promise to keep you posted on progress! :)

Happy Wednesday!
with LOVE as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What in the World Have I been Doing?

I'm not sure what has been going on as of late. Well actually I do...Summer has arrived bringing much needed summer rains. The family's schedule has altered my blogging time....but then isn't that what summers are for? A quick look at the blog, one would think I had abandoned ship! So little posting....
However, I have been busy behind the scenes working on many are a few:

' new block designs to be released soon
' painted my front door
Never again shall I have a plain white door!

' rescued bundles of 'homeless' fabric
' made 125 X and + blocks
I think I may need help, I can't stop making these blocks!

' created 6 quilt tops
' canned blueberry jam, applesauce, apple on to pears and salsa
' cleaned the garage
' planned quilting bees and fall activities
' watched the rain
' weeded flower beds

More weeds coming soon as the rains have boosted the growth of more.
Summer. I love summer, the perfect season for daydreams and breaking out of the routine!

May your day be filled with sunny skies!
with LOVE as always,


Wow! This is my 100th post! I must have been blogging more than I thought! :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'd love to know.....

Something is in the works, a very fun 'dog days of summer' project....but at the moment....a very big secret!

Which, you if you would like can be a part of the fun.
I am creating a quilting challenge for my self.
In the past I have worked on similar projects while wearing my 'painter's hat' and I thought it would be fun to have go with my quilting.
[Try painting a self portrait using purple, teal, orange and blue!]

The challenge: I will use the top 5 answers to the following questions to create a quilt project. 

This is where I need your input.   

I would love to know your answers to the following questions.
[Sounds simple enough right?]

1. What are your 3 all time favorite colors?

2. What is the one color you will NEVER use in a quilt?

3.  Pick 3:

    geometric,modern,bold,pastel,gingham,animal prints

4. Your go to quilt block when you are 'pushed for time'.
5.  Think fast! Square or Rectangle?

I will compile the answers and post here on Wednesday, July 24th. And post the 'rules and regulations' so you can join the fun.

Happy Wednesday!

with LOVE as always,
Carol a.k.a. Beulah

Monday, July 8, 2013

Calico Dots and Gingahm Quilting Bee

About Sowing Stitches: Calico Dots & Gingham Quilting Bee

    This is what it's all about: Quilting. Friendship. Encouragement.

I've started building my stash of Calico , Dots and Gingham !
The Calico, Dots & Gingham Quilting Bee will begin in September 2013 and continue through February 2014 and is open world wide. You will need a Flickr account to participate, so if you do not have an account you have plenty of time to get an account established and learn your way around.

Calico, Dots and Gingham Quilting Bee is open to 11 participants for a total of 12 participating. You will create ONLY 1 block for each participant and 2 participants will be scheduled each month.
Simplified, you will be making 2 different blocks each month....1 of each pattern.

A 6 month bee to create a Sampler Quilt using ONLY Calico, Dots and Gingham Fabrics.
Your chosen quilt block should be 12 1/2 inches and you should post directions/tutorial on the first day of 'your month'...the colors for your block will be determined by the Bee Participants. [Which will create the sampler effect of your quilt.]

If there is a color you absolutely do not like you may request that the one color not be used in your block. [[For example, if you do not like Pink, your request may look something like this: "Please pretty please do not use fabrics that are PINK. A tiny bit of pink in the calico is okay...just please not tons of pink Pink PINK. Thanks!"]]

An added bonus: If you create 1 block for yourself each month as you are creating the block for each of the participants of the month, by the end of February you will have not 1 but 2 sets of quilt blocks! A set of blocks using 'your block' and a sampler set using the blocks from our group.We would LOVE to have you join the fun! There are 8 active spots remaining and 2 alternative spots in case someone has to drop out.
Leave a post below and an email contact so that I can send you a Flickr Group Invite and you will be well on your way to creating new friends, new quilt blocks, and hours of fun!

Happy Monday!
Carol aka Beulah