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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What in the World Have I been Doing?

I'm not sure what has been going on as of late. Well actually I do...Summer has arrived bringing much needed summer rains. The family's schedule has altered my blogging time....but then isn't that what summers are for? A quick look at the blog, one would think I had abandoned ship! So little posting....
However, I have been busy behind the scenes working on many are a few:

' new block designs to be released soon
' painted my front door
Never again shall I have a plain white door!

' rescued bundles of 'homeless' fabric
' made 125 X and + blocks
I think I may need help, I can't stop making these blocks!

' created 6 quilt tops
' canned blueberry jam, applesauce, apple on to pears and salsa
' cleaned the garage
' planned quilting bees and fall activities
' watched the rain
' weeded flower beds

More weeds coming soon as the rains have boosted the growth of more.
Summer. I love summer, the perfect season for daydreams and breaking out of the routine!

May your day be filled with sunny skies!
with LOVE as always,


Wow! This is my 100th post! I must have been blogging more than I thought! :)


  1. You have been busy!!
    I admire your sewing skills :)
    LOVE the new door!

  2. Congrats on a hundred posts. I don't have as much time to blog in the summers either.

  3. Hi from the hop! I had the same reaction to the x and plus blocks-I couldn't stop making them! But you have me beat-I made about 88 I think:)


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