May God Bless You this day beyond measure! May He pour out His richest blessings in lavish ever-increasing abundant overflowing blessings of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HOPE and PERFECT HEALTH upon YOU!!! May your every need be met and may everything you put your hand to prosper. Know that you are His chosen child and you are Loved and Treasured by the King of Kings. God Bless You!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog ~ 2014

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit! A cold winter weekend visiting with friends near and far is the Best 'cure' for the winter blues!The kettle is on and fresh from the oven are these yummy homemade gluten free cranberry cinnamon rolls.

Gluten Free
You guessed it...I'm having to learn "how to cook" all over again! I've not had gluten [except for accidental contamination] since July 2013. Oh what a difference, and all for the better, minus having to relearn cooking skills. If you have questions about a Gluten~Free lifestyle and the need to eliminate gluten just ask...

I'm Carol a.k.a. Beulah an artist working with thread and fabric, ink, paint and whatever else catches my eye. An organic gardener, Gluten-Free, dreamer and does, consumer of tea and chocolate along with lots and lots of salads! My family calls me the 'leaf eater'. I try to sew or create several hours each day and especially love the days when creating begins at sunrise and ends well into the night. What you will find here on the blog...a bit of everything...I don't have set days for posting, and write often about what is consuming my time at the moment.

2014 began like every year, a blank canvas but is rapidly filling with an ever expanding creative list of projects and new adventures!
Blog Tours, Online Quilting Bees, Publications, Wedding Quilts,Writing,Gluten-Free Cooking, Charity Quilts,Gardening, a New Business...more on each of these in the coming weeks.

I won't 'keep you' as I know you, like myself are just 'itching' to pop in and visit with everyone! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to our visits in 2014! But before you go I have something to first giveaway of 2014!

Just leave me a note and let me know you were here and where you call home, that's it! :) And on February 7,2014 by random selection one of my guests will be notified by way of email [make sure I have your email]and posted here on the blog, to be on the look-out for some 'happy mail'. The that's a secret...what fun is a surprise if you already know what it is???

If you would like 'extra' entries there are several options for a total of 4 'extra' entries.

1. Become a follower of my blog via GFC and leave a comment telling me that you are a new follower = 1 additional entry

2. Become a follower of my Twitter@sowingstitches leave a comment with your Twitter 'handle' = 1 additional entry

3. Become a follower of my Pinterest Boards leave a comment with your Pinterest url = 1 additional entry

4. Become a follower of my InstaGram @Sowingstitches and leave a comment with your IG name = 1 additional entry.

Until next time....
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Stay warm and cozy,
with LOVE as always,
Carol a.k.a. Beulah

The complete listing of all participants in the Grow Your Blog Tour 2014 can be found here on Vicki's blog, she is the one who gathered us all together! :)

YIPPIE! Grow Your Blog Tour 2014 Starts Tomorrow!!!

Less than 24 hours.....and the FUN begins!!!!
A perfect weekend for visiting too!
I can't think of a better way to spend a bitterly cold weekend!!!
Hope you are able to join the fun......there are over 500 participants this year.
Talk about good chats and giggles with friends....
This is the best cure for those 'winter blues'.

Happy Friday!
with LOVE as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah

Friday, January 10, 2014


It's the most wonderful time of the year....... Nope, not Christmas....
It's time for the 2nd Annual Grow Your Blog Tour!
I participated last year and it was LOADS of fun!
Perfect visiting during the dreaded cold days of winter!
Thinking that YOU might like to join the fun, I am providing the link but you must hurry and sign up, as the deadline is but a few days away!

Happy Friday!
with LOVE as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Itsy Bitsy Spider.......

 This post is NOT about spiders...just the song. I keep singing it over and over in my head as I work on these blocks for my Postage Stamp Quilt!

Progress is occurring with these lovely blocks as the box of 1 1/2 inch squares is slowly emptying!

Happy Wednesday!
with Love as always,

Carol a.k.a Beulah

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Go for the Gold" Block Challenge

     "Go for the Gold" Block Challenge
In celebration of the spirit of the Olympics I plan to challenge myself to create a quilty project as I enjoy the Olympic coverage.
A project to use my highest level sewing and quilting skills to push me to achieve a higher level.

You are welcome to join the fun!
Take a few days, think about what you would like to create and we will 'get together' here sometime next week and cheer each other on as we prepare and train for our "Go for the Gold" Block Challenge.

We have a few days to come up with a project and set fabric aside, clean our work areas...

But I need your help!
I'm not sure what I want to create!!!
I can't decide if I want to create a total project or just the blocks for a quilt...

What has been your most challenging project or skill when quilting?
Where do you go for inspiration when it is time to create a new quilting project?

Time to flex my fingers, sharpen my scissors, load my bobbins, clean the sewing room....

Happy Quilting!
with love as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scrappy New Year!

Scrappy New Year!
That's right...
Scraps are the theme for 2014 here at Sowing Stitches.
The sewing studio is overflowing with scraps and snippets of every size, shape and color imaginable!
There are boxes, bags, totes, piles, shelves basically mountains of scraps that must be used! (No sense in letting good fabric be thrown out in the trash.)

I've spent hours researching, gathering ideas, pining inspiration, all on the topic: Scrappy Quilts.[500 quilt blocks should put a dent in my scrap pile...right?]

Honestly, now is the time to tackle the abundance of overflowing scraps!
So for every creative adventure in 2014, 1 new quilting project created means that it will be mandatory 2 scrappy quilting projects must be created BEFORE starting the next 'new' project.

[We shall see how long this lasts...just like all well intended New Year's may well happen...and something more exciting may come along! :)]

*No fabrics were harmed in the production of this post.

Happy Scrappy New Year!
May 2014 be filled with many happy hours of sewing, blog hops, quilting bees, laughter, and friends! May everything you set your hands to prosper and may you be blessed with Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, Prosperity and Perfect Health.

with Love as always,
Carol a.k.a. Beulah