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Monday, January 6, 2014

"Go for the Gold" Block Challenge

     "Go for the Gold" Block Challenge
In celebration of the spirit of the Olympics I plan to challenge myself to create a quilty project as I enjoy the Olympic coverage.
A project to use my highest level sewing and quilting skills to push me to achieve a higher level.

You are welcome to join the fun!
Take a few days, think about what you would like to create and we will 'get together' here sometime next week and cheer each other on as we prepare and train for our "Go for the Gold" Block Challenge.

We have a few days to come up with a project and set fabric aside, clean our work areas...

But I need your help!
I'm not sure what I want to create!!!
I can't decide if I want to create a total project or just the blocks for a quilt...

What has been your most challenging project or skill when quilting?
Where do you go for inspiration when it is time to create a new quilting project?

Time to flex my fingers, sharpen my scissors, load my bobbins, clean the sewing room....

Happy Quilting!
with love as always,

Carol a.k.a. Beulah


  1. YOU are so kind! (thank you for your visit & kind, encouraging words) Because of YOU I purchased a sewing machine. I won't be quilting - BUT, i will be cheering you on . . . I wonder now what you'll choose to create. I love that you've decided to use the Olympics to inspire your project. Love & Love to YOU!!!

    1. :) You never know.... In the 'early' years I was all about sewing and creating high fashion, then quilts, followed by interior fashion, more quilts, clothing, costumes, home furnishings, more quilts....once you start stitching there is no telling where your fingers will lead! :) I see quilts in your future! :)


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