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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

National Sewing Month!

An entire month to celebrate the love of sewing!

September 1st marked the launch of Sowing Stitches' Calico Dots and Gingham Online Quilting Bee!  
Block Design selected by Nan

Block Design selected by Sharon

My health continues to improve as I learn to recognize the hiding places of the 'no-no' foods. All gluten, corn, oats, dairy, eggs some meats are the worst offenders. I am currently juicing like crazy with my Champion Juicer and progressing towards a more vegetarian lifestyle. [Eating meat = no sleep...unless it is wild caught fish/seafoods.]
Personally, I feel that the food industry should provide all food sources on their labels....The vague labeling practices of such as 'spices' 'natural flavors' etc...really should be eliminated. I've also learned that citric acid in the US comes primarily from corn and wheat and not from  citrus fruits as one would expect.
It continues to be an eye opening can be fuel for the body or poison. Ditching the 'toxic foods' has made such a difference!

with love as always,


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  1. So proud of you Beulah! It's not easy changing a lifestyle of eating. I went vegetarian nearly 2 years ago and it made a world of difference in how I feel.


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