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Friday, February 22, 2013


I've a terrible case of Spring Fever, so to help cure myself,I've raided my stash and pulled these fabrics.
Now to decide what to create!
Happy Friday and may your day be filled with delight!


  1. I love the Spring Colors.
    I have been dealing with the Winter Blahs, so I am trying to find ways to beat it. Spring Colors definitely help :)

  2. Love your choices of color. I can see a patchwork quilt. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with them.

  3. Lovely colors! I like the sewing cat in your profile pictures too. :-)

  4. Oooo, that's a great cure for a bad case of Spring Fever. I need to catch this from you!

  5. Such a delight to see your cheerful fabrics. I've been digging into my stash too. Flowers and Christmas fabrics are my favs right now. Been trying to figure out what to do with each. Maybe put a bit of each in frames to put on the wall.

  6. I'm sure whatever you decide will be a pretty addition to your collection. Brilliant colors!


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