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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Abraham!

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday and when I was in school we used to celebrate the day by creating crafts to honor him, celebrating the day of his birth, learning about the time period, and being thankful for his contributions to help end slavery and restore our country to One Unified Nation Under God. I miss those days.
Today, I am changing plans just to be able to celebrate once more Abraham Lincoln's life.
[On his birthday and not on 'President's Day'.]
And yes, I've already made plans to celebrate George Washington's birthday too....Cherries will be involved!
In honor of Abraham Lincoln I am making log cabin blocks today to be added to my Row-Quilt. And may we as a nation be reunited once more to stand together as One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!!!!

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  1. We always had cherry pie on George's Bday and a Lincoln Log (chocolate jelly roll) on Abe's.


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