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Saturday, May 25, 2013

DAYcation because everyday should be Fun!

The soon arrival of the last day of school has vacation plans taking over seemingly every conversation, thoughts are filled with summer delight. Tropical beaches, mountain camping, travel to distant lands...
Add to the mix, the conversation thread of Stay-Cations for the crowd staying home this summer and limiting travel within a few hours to save funds or to provide several mini-adventures throughout summer vacation.

The 'official' start to summer launches this Memorial Day Weekend and I've declared the Summer of 2013 to be the Summer of DAYcations! A mini vacation each day with a few hours set aside just for Fun!

DAYcation #1:
A trip to Walmart turned into a fit of laughter. Yes, you read that correctly! The trip began as a search for a new vacuum cleaner and a remnant of gray fabric. [The fabric shall wait for another day.] As we were shopping a quick glance inside our cart is when the laughter hit. Who knew that a cart filled with a vacuum, mop, spray starch, bleach, fabric softner, weed killer, a jug of lemonade and a pack of crackers could cause fits of laughter! Rather it was the comment afterwards..."Oh my, it looks like we are setting up house!".

That's the beauty of DAYcations...Joy, Laughter, Fun are the only required elements.
DAYcations can happen at anytime or anyplace. They can be planned anticipated events or suddenly arrive on the scene all on their own.

Come join the DAYcation fun!
Now, I'm wondering what tomorrow's DAYcation will bring?

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  1. I LOVE this idea! The budget is too tight for trips to the beach this summer. We're planning some "stay"cations in our new "summer home" (pop-up trailer), but I love having a bit of a vacation every day. Thanks for prodding me to look for the fun every day.


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