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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dinner on the Ground

Picnics and dinners on the ground, while technically the same our family definition: picnics are small private meals or snacks  eaten outdoors and dinners on the ground are feasts with friends and family under the shade of trees

Every year, in the town I grew up in, they have a community dinner on the ground. Families plan their schedules around the last Sunday in one wants to miss this gathering! Tables are thrown together using saw horses and plywood covered with white paper to welcome the foods lovingly prepared for the occasion. Boxes, baskets, coolers filled and overflowing secret recipes, 'store bought' prepared foods, it's all good! Washtubs filled with ice, giant coolers filled with lemonade and sweet tea to 'wet the whistle' of the hungry.

Ladies, I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate our friendships and enjoy a dinner on the ground. While not quite the same, I'm hosting a virtual dinner on the ground this we are celebrating mothers, friends, family and our love of quilting.

I've prepared the menu from your favorites submitted. If you can think of anything I've left out...please add it to the menu! :)

Beverages: Sweet Tea,Iced Tea, Lemonade, Pepsi, Sparkling Cider and Water

Sweets:Homemade ice cream,Hummingbird Cake, frozen yogurt, blueberry pie, apple pie, brownies, oatmeal cookies,Tcakes,Butterfinger candy bars, Klondike bars, Chocolate cake, Berry Pie, Lemon Pie, Chocolate chip cookies,S'mores, Peach Pie, Mayhaw Jelly Cake

Baked Beans,Pork & Beans,Boston baked beans,Potato Salad, Corn casserole, Green salad,potato chips, fruit, pineapple, brie & crusty bread,pasta salad, corn on the cob,watermelon,cheese, crackers,fruit salad,fresh cut vegetables and dip,sliced tomatoes,cucumbers,sweetpickles,Cheetos,grapes, strawberries , scotch eggs, green beans,squash casserole,biscuits, fried okra
Entrees:Brats,BBQ,Fried Chicken, Smokies, Egg salad sandwiches,Peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches,hamburgers, veggie burgers,hot dogs, chicken salad with grapes and raisins,pickled bologna, quiche,lobster rolls,Deviled eggs,ham slices, shrimp & chicken kebobs, tuna salad,ham,Steamed Crabs, Subway foot-long sandwiches,chicken salad sandwiches, meatballs,BBQ Chicken

Spread your quilts ladies, it's time to feast!

Susie of legato1958  check your email! :) Christmas will be coming soon to your mailbox.

with Love as always,


  1. Yahoo!! That's me! I am emailing you my address now! Thanks so much!


  2. This post sooo reminds me of some old photos I have of my mom's family enjoying a family reunion "dinner on the grounds" style. :-) Good memories! Maybe I'll have to feature some of those in a post too.


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