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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

String Time!

Yes it is just after 3:00am and I am wide awake!
String Fever Jitters!
Late yesterday afternoon I photographed my very first String Quilt...or very first completed String Quilt Top! :)
And what is racing through my thoughts?
If I start right now....I wonder if I have time to make another one for the String Fever Festival of Strings which starts today?!

Wouldn't it be grand if we were able to create in real time at the speed we can imagine and create in our thoughts?! 

It would be a fabulous 'super-power' and better than being able to fly like Super Man.

My very first String Quilt Top!
I will most certainly be making more string quilts this summer. I found when I was creating this quilt top that making string quilt blocks are a great way to order my thoughts and an awesome stress-buster.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of the lovely and amazing String Quilts showcased in the Festival of Strings hosted by Rachel.

Hoping you have a Fantastic Tuesday!


  1. It's wonderful! I agree, string quilts are very soothing to me, but we end up with a bright and happy quilt, perfect.

  2. I never thought of string quilts as stress busters. What a win-win!

  3. Great string quilt finish! And I totally agree. Bring on the stress buster quilts!

  4. Love your quilt top - it is beautiful. I just finished my first string-y project, too - I am hooked!

  5. Oh, but if I could make all the quilts I could dream up...there'd be no room left for ME in my home! ha! Your top is lovely. I love all the pops of the dark fabrics that appear throughout.

  6. So glad you enjoyed sewing strings! I totally know what you mean about wishing you could sew at mind speed.

  7. Found you via Stitched in Color's Strip Festival (rather late) and am now a follower. I love your string quilt and your attitude!!! (I'll definitely be back for more of that cheer and superpower.)

  8. Love the blessing at the top of your blog home page. Just found your string quilt, love the colour and vibrancy.


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