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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life Long Learner

Still so much to learn about blogging...I am making progress, taking notes and headed back to the drawing board for yet more lessons.
Seriously stretching my comfort zone!
My learning style is hands on with a million books, thousands of examples and a room filled with creative clutter everywhere.
A bit difficult with the computer...very little mess, certainly no pages to dog ear, spill cocoa on, doodling in the margins is out of the question.
Yet, I shall conquer this mountain, I shall learn how to create what is in my head and release it to cyber-space!

WOW!January 10th is right around the corner!My first hop...'In Your Words'.
Any ideas which word(s) I'll be choosing? I've gotten so many ideas for new projects and it is only day two of the hop!
Hoping for snow and endless hours of sewing....

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