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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pondering this morning

Obviously I'm new to blogging as I just started my blog in December. 
It's not that I have been ignoring your questions, or comments...something odd is going on in 'blog~land'.
I have a question.

Why do comments to posts vanish? 

As in totally gone.
No where to be found.
There are close to 90 comments MISSING!!
There are no notations such as "comment removed by author" and I haven't deleted any comments.

And while I am asking questions...some, actually a lot...of the blogs I am or should I say was following have vanished too!

Is this 'normal' and something I should expect from time to time?


  1. Try going to Blogger help and type in some questions to see if there are answers to your problems.I haven't had this problem, but once I had all my followers and the visitors flag reset to zero, but the following day it was all back to normal.

  2. I don't think it's normal.
    Try take a look at your coments definitions.
    And try blogger help.

  3. It's really strange...all the comments and my blog list were there as late as yesterday afternoon.
    I'm hoping it is some sort of glitch. Can't do anything about the missing comments, but in the mean time...I'm starting a new blog list of the blogs I read and plan to keep a copy on file elsewhere, time consuming to have to 'start over'.

  4. I have never had my comments disappear but I have had my list go missing. Usually I just refresh my browser or close out for a few minutes. When I come back in...there is my list.

    Good luck on finding your list.

  5. Fortunately, I've never had my comments disappear. My blog list used to disappear regularly but seldom does now and it returns. I wonder if Blogger is getting overloaded with so many of us using it. Hope you get your comments sorted out. :)

  6. Very confusing and irritating for you I'm sure. I have not had any problems with Blogger and I suspect that if you wait and refresh it should be ok.

  7. Good news! The wayward comments are slowly returning...must have been some sort of glitch.

  8. Yea! Glad your comments are returning. I'm a new blogger too and sometimes it drives me crazy. I'm participating in two of the bloghops you're doing, All About Me and Stitching it up. Looking forward to seeing your projects.


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