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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to know if you are an Artist

Monday was a treat, sunny blue skies, very little wind and a warm 45* know it has been COLD when 45* feels warm! Yesterday afternoon there was a knock at the door rapidly followed by squeals and a fit of giggles! I don't know when I've had such delightful entertainment. 6 little girls under the age of 9, 3 small dogs and a yard full of daffodils! What a grand and joyful visit on my front porch.

The flowers from yesterday never made it inside the house...thankfully I had this photo! :)
I will haven't lived until tiny hands have 'fixed' your hair like Rapunzel complete with flowers, leaves and hair will never be the same! :)

Girl Wisdom. How to know if you are an artist. Look at your you have more than 1 color? When you braid your hair does it make patterns? If are an Artist Too! According to my new hairdressers...that is how they know who is an artist. :)

Hope you have a delightful day filled with Joy and Giggles!
with LOVE as always,



  1. You have very wise friends my dear! I always called the streaks of white/gray in my hair 'natural frosting' ... little did I know that I was an artist too! Have you introduced your young friends to quilts? They sound like naturals!

  2. Ahh haa..I knew their was a reason I was going gray before all my siblings. Because I am the only artist among them. Yippeee And I thought I was being cheated of my youth. Little did I know it was a tribute to my talent. Tell your friends they are awesome and wise beyond their years.


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