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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I would love to know what you think!

*I love the input and advice Ladies! I will be posting what I have been gleaning next week! Thanks for all of your input!!! Makes planning so much easier! You're the best! Thanks!!!

I am throwing ideas around this morning and would love your feedback.

1. When participating in a class do you prefer to meet once a week, monthly, daily for 5 days or in power sessions/seminars ex. Friday and Saturday?

2. Do you like to have all supplies provided and ready for you or do you prefer to add your own style and flair?

3. Do you enjoy brainstorming ideas or a step by step approach?

4. IF classes are a power session/seminar would you be willing to bring snacks or food, prefer food to be catered or take a break and go grab something to eat?

5. Forget the class...but want to come along for fun and fellowship?

Yes, I have something up my sleeve....
uite busy plotting & planning this morning. 

Hint: Art & Sewing

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!
Have a great day!

with love as always,


  1. I like weekly classes or workshops.

    I took a quilt class and got a list of things I needed to buy. For a quilt I would like to provide my own. When I took a wool hook rug class everthing was provided which was fine too. I would depend of class and project.

    I am a step by step approach person.

    It wouldn't mind bringing food.

    Have fun with whatever is up your sleeve ;)

  2. 1. I prefer once a week - it gives me time to "soak" in the ideas - OR - to begin a project -
    2.Either Supplies - OR a supply list in advance - (which can be fun - and an opportunity to get pre-learning excitement)
    3.BOTH - brainstorming AND small steps towards success
    4. Either bringing snacks or snacks provided - for me, going away and returning loses momentum/energy in the creative process
    5. YES!!! Fun & Fellowship . . That would be great!

    thanks for asking.
    love & love,

  3. I would be up for fun and fellowship two times a month, in a late morning to early afternoon. Nothing before 10a.m. or after 3 p.m. Does that help?

  4. Well it really depends....I am taking a pastel class that will be from 9-1 with step by step instruction, which is great. I have taken a quilting table runner class that started at 9 and was sort of step by step but working at your pace. You could stay until you finished, or take it home and finish it. If it is a fairly small project take the day and finish it. If it is a big project go every week for a few weeks. Whew! If all day defenilty have lunch.

  5. I like weekly meetings and power sessions, depending on what I am learning. I prefer a supply list because I have reached SABLE!!! Brainstorming is great when I'm doing a liberated or modern quilt but if I am learning a new technique I'd prefer step by step learning. Snacks or catered...I agree wit Miggid that leaving to eat slows momentum. Fun and fellowship is great, but I'm always interested in learning new things about quilting! What do you have up your sleeve??? :)

  6. Generally I like power sessions, or monthly meetings. Primarily since I live further away and waste alot of time driving back and forth.
    I like the project supplies furnished where I only have to bring the basic supplies.(unless a very detailed supply list is provided way in advance...again the driving to pick up supplies)
    I like step by step primarily because I have had creative blocks in the past in classes.
    Snacks or catering is best as going out you generally have to wait for the stragglers to come back.
    Love the fun and fellowship while learning new things.


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