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Friday, March 29, 2013

New Neighbors

We have new neighbors in the neighborhood!

 A pair of Eastern Bluebirds arrived recently and have established their nest in a bluebird box on our mailbox.
I say that they are new simply because of evidence of their behavior, the pair that nested in the box at the mailbox last year, would sit in the Redbud Tree when not in the nesting box.
The photo below tells all, we have new neighbors! :)
They are spending their day
"training" the van to stay away from their new home.

with Love as always,


  1. Oh my goodness!!! We once had a mockingbird who fell in love with himself via the car side mirror. What a mess! Finally put a bag over it for a few days until our feathered friend found a new love. Too funny!


  2. Oh joy! We once had a murder of crows decide to roost in the trees along our driveway during the winter - hundreds of them. They moved on after a few nights, thankfully! Needless to say what a mess it was. And since we were in the middle of the city, we couldn't fire a gun to try to scare them off.

  3. What crappy neighbors! Sorry, couldn't resist and obviously neither could they! lol Jane


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