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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spreading LOVE through TEAMWORK

I am joining up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict: Hands2Help
I have chosen to participate and assist Quilts Beyond Borders. Sending LOVE across the oceans in the form of a quilt!
I will be part of the team providing quilts for these beautiful children in need overseas.
 Below is a brief bio of the Quilts Beyond Borders.


A charity providing quilts to children in underserved areas of the world

Our second charity is a new one this year, at least to me! I read about Quilts Beyond Borders recently and was captivated by their mission. Here’s some information from their website...

Quilts Beyond Borders reaches out to under-served children, mainly orphans, across the world to provide a handmade quilt and spread love and hope... We have focused on Ethiopia where in 5 years we have delivered over 1,000 quilts to orphans... Since 2009 we have also provided quilts to people in need in Japan, Haiti, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Cameroon, Burundi, Uganda, Russia, Thailand and Mexico, and we plan additional distributions of quilts to those in need living in other places where the warmth of a quilt is needed at night.

They are currently in need of 500-600 quilts to distribute this fall to orphanages in Ethiopia and Romania. I'm hoping we can make a significant dent in their need, and spread the word to others who many not know of this worthy cause as well!

For this charity, the finished quilts should be 40-45" wide by 48-60" long. This size best fits the children's beds. Quilts need to be quilted sufficiently to handle rugged conditions - used by children, and washed under rugged laundry conditions (unfortunately, tied quilts won't hold up to these conditions). Fabric can be cotton or cotton/polyester. Batting can be cotton or polyester. Please bind the quilts entirely by machine, so the binding will hold up longer.

Please include a label for each quilt you send for Quilts Beyond Borders. The label should read:

Quilts Beyond Borders
Made for You with Love
By: (quilter's name)
Belongs to (space for recipient's name)

There are several methods in which you can help! 

1. Join the Team! [see the button on my sidebar]

2. If you do not have time to create a quilt but would like to help...You can donate fabric or batting for the quilts. And you would be part of the Team blessing these children. You can email me if you would like to participate in this manner...
My email: sowingstitches[at]gmail[dot]com

I will also give you 'credit' on the quilt as being on the Team.

3. If you would like to assist in shipping costs this is also a means to be a Team Player for this Great Mission!

Please consider joining the team! There is no greater task than showering children with LOVE.

with LOVE as always,

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