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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bees are Buzzing

Yesterday about this time I mentioned I was participating in 2 Quilting Bees. Just want to take a second and share my excitement over the 2nd quilting bee which will be hosted by Patti, over at 'A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court'.[ Her cute button for the bee is on my side bar.] The quilting bee isn't even underway and I've already started playing around and creating blocks using only scraps! Seriously, I don't think I shall ever toss fabric scraps again!

Some are a bit wonky as I get a handle on this pattern...but oh how I am loving the way this is starting to look!

The plan at the moment is to use the blocks and create curtains for my sewing studio...however, that is subject to change!I'm also considering the possibility of using these blocks to create a lined maxi skirt....or a quilted table covering...or a...

Happy Thursday!
with Love as always,



  1. I recently swapped boxes of scraps with 3 other quilting friends. I was just tired of looking at the same pieces of fabric. So fun - and creative to have a large box of fabric pieces I've never used before.

  2. Those are definitely cute scrappy blocks!!


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