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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ms. Flamingo made me Do it!

When I was in the schools teaching art, many of my students could not pronounce my last's not an uncommon or difficult name but for whatever reason their tongues would trip over my last  name. Quite by accident, I was renamed by my students as Ms. Flamingo.


As an art teacher, I was one of the few teachers in the building that would allow students the freedom to experiment with their other Creative! You've not seen joy on a child's face until you see the child experience using 'real glue' not glue sticks...and then by adding glitter, paint, sprinkles, confetti to the mix.... oh what an explosion of joyful delight!

I was working in my painting studio when the idea hit me. The creative freedom 'allowed' by Ms. Flamingo came to visit me, Beulah! I've been running up and down the stairs from the sewing room to the painting studio, working on a project that includes such materials as paint, canvas, fabric, thread, brushes, paper, sewing machine, sparkles and bling. Soon I shall be ready to share this project for now, it is under the watchful eye of Ms. Flamingo.

All smiles here as I am enjoying a Fun Friday with Ms. Flamingo!
with Love as always,


1 comment:

  1. Ms. Flamingo is a Super Fine Name . . .
    I hope it sticks forever.

    love & love,


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