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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Joy comes in the Morning!

Oh what a beautiful Morning!
Gone are the cold damp snowy days of last week as my corner of the world has finally begun celebrating Spring! Sunny days, warm breeze and can you believe it...81 degrees was the high yesterday, just last Thursday our high was 34 degrees!

I enjoyed my early morning walk as the air was filled with delightful bird songs, flowers are blooming and trees are life has returned once more. This garden moment was just too amazing not to share with you, look who I caught snoozing on the crab apple blossom!

He reminds me of Winnie the Pooh stuck in the Honey Jar

May your day be filled with JOY!
with Love as always,


  1. Love the photo! Looks like he over-indulged in pollen! Happy Spring!

  2. Love that Pic!!!
    We had 80's on Mon and then this darn cold front came through:( 56 yesterday and 60's today but 80's by the weekend again:) yea!!!!

  3. The pic is great. Thanks for sharing.


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