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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Termites and Bee Blocks

Termites in Swarm

These are Termites! They must be really tough Termites as they began their swarm emerging from our brick and stamped concrete porch! The 'bug man' is coming today to make sure this doesn't happen again. Amazing what you learn about bugs as they invade...Termites swarm in the thousands! They are very similar to flying ants or queen ants yet there is a difference. Termites do not have segmented bodies and they are leaner than ants.  There are other facts...but I won't gross you out with those tidbits of information. Just be on the look out, if you see anything that looks like these little critters, you probably should call your 'bug guy' and have them investigate to make sure you do not have any Termite damage.

Now on to nicer insects...Bees! Not the actual bee but Quilting Bees. I am currently participating in 2 Quilting Bees...little did I know how inspiring and what a jump-start of creativity a Quilting Bee could provide! :)

June will be 'my month' for the "We Bee With It" Modern Quilting Bee.I have chosen a Vanishing 9 Patch as 'my' block. Currently I am making the blocks and will cut and trim to create the vanish once all of the blocks are in hand. For a bit of relief from the bugs above, below you will find a few of the blocks...Bee Blocks are much nicer than Termites.

Blocks to be used in my Vanishing 9 Patch

If you would like to create your own these are great for using up scraps! They are fast and easy and pack quite a punch.
For this Vanishing 9 Patch I decided to use scraps in 'color families' and placed them around a solid white block. Each of the 9 patches are created using a 4 1/2 inch square...which creates a 12 1/2 inch block.

I will post more in the future showing how I will be assembling creating the 'vanish'.

Happy Wednesday!
with Love as always,



  1. Wow I have never seen termites before we do not have problem in my part of Canada too cold for man and beast or bug in this case. I have heard much about them and am OK with not seeing them. Hope your bug guy gets rid of them for you.
    Love the colours of your quilt blocks. B

  2. We have had termites in our property as well. Awful bugs!! Good luck with eradicating them. Lovely patches for a quilt.

  3. Wow....your termites look so different to the ones we have...(I am in Australia) We call ours 'white ants'because they are white! LOL Christine
    ChrisW Designs

  4. When faced with such critters, bugging out doesn't really do anything. Yes, they're gross, but you don't have to deal with them on your own. Like what you did, call exterminators. You're lucky you're not one of those people who jump at the sight of termites. They may be small, but they can damage the house you've spent your life building. On a lighter note, how did the Quilting Bee go? :) Angelo@Peeler Environmental


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