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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When I grow up I want to be an Ornithologist

I really am somewhat serious, I LOVE birds! Big birds, little birds, fat birds, skinny birds, red birds, blue birds, spotted birds, striped birds, loud birds, quiet birds...
I LOVE BIRDS! This Spring our yard has been blessed with nesting birds! It has been such a joy watching them build their nests and soon to be feeding their chicks. At the moment I know of 2 blue bird nests in our bluebird boxes, a mocking bird nest in the Lady Bank's Rose on our back porch, on our very small front porch we have a wren nest and a nest of house finches, in yet another bird box a family of chickadees!

Mockingbird nest on our back porch.

Happy Wednesday!
May your day be filled with happy bird songs.
with LOVE as always,



  1. I love the birds, too. This year we have 2 families of bluebirds, one Chickadee family, and as always, our Carolina Wren family on a shelf on our back porch. Mama Carolina Wren has been sitting on her eggs for about a week. It should be soon! Have a super day!

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    2. Our wren just started construction this week. You are going to have to post photos of you soon to be chicks! :)

  2. We are trying to stop two sets of blue birds from pooping on our cars. I love birds, too. We have never had the problem of them pooping all over our vehicles until this year. Hubby washes it off two or three times a day. Any suggestions?

    1. Teresa,
      :) I don't know that I am the one to ask about blue birds and their marking of cars. :) I know that while they are nesting and have chicks they are more likely to make messes trying to frighten away other blue birds. You should read my post about New Neighbors [a March posting] you will be able to see what our blue birds have been up to in the last few weeks. :)

  3. The birds were singing as I read this. :-) We have a nice variety of wild birds here. We also have feral peafowl, which is quite an interesting experience. I still am not used to them running around on the roof as they have been doing lately. :-) Quite startling at times - along with their plaintive screams.


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