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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning!

Making my list and checking it twice, adding more items is such a delight! :)

A productive day and creative week all lined up. Running between loads of laundry and a mountain of clothes to be ironed I will be working on:
1. 2 quilts for the 2013 Hands2Help quilt challenge [tops are complete, time to create the backs]
2. designing my block for the Modern Quilting Bee, We Bee with It
3. pulling my fabrics for the Bee hosted by A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court which is set to begin in May! [last time I checked, there was still space for 1 more Bee...hurry if you are interested this looks like it is going to be FUN!]

4. thinking about what to prepare for dinner
5. loading the dishwasher

6. adding the finishing embellishments for the Shake your Pom Poms Hop
7. hand quilting
8. sewing & nesting with the birds

9. dreaming of flowers that arrive in May
10. waiting on the arrival of fabrics for a secret project

Looks like a grand week is set with openings for creative changes to the schedule.
Taking my thread and snippets of cloth covered self off to load the washer, grab a glass of tea and head to the cutting table!

Have a great Monday!
with love as always,

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  1. Wow, Beulah! You have a busy day ahead. I've got a hunch that all the quilting will be the favorite part of your day. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. Have a great day!


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