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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Consider this a Public Service Announcement

As it stands at the moment,  I will not be making the change to bloglovin.
I actually follow the blogs I follow [that's a tongue twister] by using the dashboard at my blog and not Google Reader.
On my blog 'proper' the 10 most recent posts by my bloggy friends are shown at all times if I need a fast glance connection.
Google Reader and Google Friends Connect and Blogger are not the same...therefore...I will be able to view all the blogs I follow on my dashboard like I do now.
But what I find most peculiar about the whole issue is the lack of chatter to Google requesting them not to get rid of the Google Reader.
Remember the concept, squeaky wheel gets the grease?
And be reminded of the credit card and bank added fees that the public cried foul and they suddenly vanished.
It's time to speak up, we each have a voice, let Google know how you do not have to remain silent.
Could it be that Google was clueless on how vital Google Reader is for so many bloggers.
Speak Up!
Now's your chance...history has shown that when the people speak corporations listen!

That's my 2 cents worth and thoughts on the Google Reader issue.
I hopping off my soapbox and heading to the sewing machine for a full day of stitching!

Happy Thursday!
with LOVE as always,



  1. Happy stitching and thanks for the useful info. Power to the squeaky wheel:) B

  2. Thanks for the info. I wonder if there is little 'squeeking" cause we dont understand. I know that is where i live. I havent a clue and am just muddling through. I figured the dashboard that I use would go away when google reader did. I am seriously confused. Sometimes its a good place to be, hehe and sigh all at once.

  3. I thought likewise. Good to know that I'll manage ok as I am


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